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Migraines and End of Week One

Week one down.  Things I want: pasta, wine, sugar in general.

Two migraines in 7 days.  I don't think it's the diet, or the jogging, but one never knows.  For all I know the diet is mitigating some of the effects; I had a hell of a migraine back in October/November, and I was eating whatever I wanted then.  More likely it's the sleep (or lack thereof) and stress.

Oh, and just as a TMI FYI: I haven't had a period since March of 2012.  Behold the magic of pregnancy-miscarriage-pregnancy-delivery-nursing.  (And if there was ever an argument in favor of extended breastfeeding, a period-free month is certainly it.)

Either way, doctor's visit scheduled. I need a GP anyway because of my thyroid, and the family in general needs someone to go to, so...off I go.

And on that note, there's a steak in the sous vide waiting for me to go rescue it.  When you're on a no sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, or crappy industrial ingredients diet, eating out becomes immensely tedious because of the tendency for restaurants to rely on butter, weird additives, and sugar to make things taste good. Literally the only place I could go last time was the seafood restaurant (which had an amazing steamed seafood salad with an olive oil and vinegar dressing) and a little French bistro that gamely cooked all my food in olive oil.  Or at least they told me they did.  I DON'T WANT THE TRUTH IF THEY DIDN'T.

Off I go.
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