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Eating and Chewing the Fat

Day two into Chris Kresser's version of a Paleo reset (think Whole 30), and figured out my breakfast smoothie is hovering around 600 calories.  Right on.

Threw together a tom ka gai-style soup for lunch (coconut milk, bone broth, chopped cooked chicken, fresh ginger and coriander, fish sauce, lime juice, keffir leaf, and a dab of green curry paste) and will have the cafe fry me up a burger (sans bun) for dinner.

I'm eating fairly high fat right now, with protein and carbs hovering in the low-to-medium range.  Not consciously trying to do this; just following the suggested meals and going with that.  Feeling calm and well fed.  In fact, my tears taste like bacon!

Walked three miles yesterday.  My ankles are reminding me that I haven't done that in a while, you bitch.

Weighed in for the first time. I'm at 172 lb, which is about how much I weighed when I moved to California. The goal is to get me back to 150 so I can, y'know, get pregnant again and gain it all back.  :P  But seriously, I want to at least subtract the baby weight before I go and make another human being.  I have the motivation (the healthier I am, the easier the pregnancy will be, plus the healthier I am, the easier it is to get through life in general) and I just need to stick to it. I've cautioned my family that I'm not to be dissuaded by pizza parties or "just a taste" pleas, and we've all gone through this often enough that hopefully they will heed my dire warnings.

So yeah. I love the first few days of a new routine.  Everything feels like it's firing on all cylinders.  I wish I could figure out how to maintain that momentum. Or maybe I should just observe what disrupts it.

I have a story due in June, but meanwhile I'm kicking around cans in my head for a longer form something.  Talking about an idea is death to me, so I'll leave it at that. Daughterbot is acquiring more and more autonomy, which makes the prospect of writing something more and more likely. Now that the move is over and I feel like I'm getting the hang of the rhythm of home-work-home, the writing is returning. Who knows how having a second child will disrupt this, but I don't have to worry about that until 2015/2016. (No, I'm not pregnant.)

My sister in law passed away last week.  She'd been diagnosed with ALS shortly before/after the birth of my niece, and to say this story is one big heartbreak is putting it lightly.  There are some unintentional parallels to her and my brother's story in my Lelia/Wil stuff, and it was unnerving and weird to notice on a re-read.  The stories in this case were written before the reality unfolded.  I think sometimes my brain must pick up on a whole lot I don't notice, and regurgitate it into fiction.  The other option is that I'm the worst psychic ever, but that's clearly bullshit...OR IS IT?

No, it totally is.

Anyway, going to write on lunch since this is a downtime day. And probably post my braindumps here more often. Ta.  

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