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Done: NaNoWriMo 2012

And by "done" I mean I hit 50k words, but I have another 25k to go before I know where the story is ending up.

  • Not having an outline definitely slowed me down.  With an outline, I can write about 3000 words on a work night.  WIthout an outline, I am constantly making decisions and feeling out the character, which led to about 1600 words and then I felt like being done.  Weekends I would catch up -- I could easily write about 3000 on an uninterrupted non-work day.  But I could write 5000 when I had an outline.  
  • Catch-up days had to be broken into two: a morning session and an evening session.  Usually I'd stop when I hit a major decision point, but the break didn't really help me figure out where to go next.  I'd almost always come back wondering where this was going.
  • When in doubt, throw weasels down the character's pants. And by weasels, I mean zombies.
  • No, really.
  • Lots of people asked, so here're my thoughts on Scrivener after an extended 30-day relationship with it: I still love it.  It's barebones, it's kind on the eyes, and it keeps things organized.  I don't know that I'd recommend it to anyone who is used to Word's bells and whistles.  I grew up on very old, very non-fussy word processors though, and Scrivener is like that, but with a few extra tweaks that make it worth it to me.
  • In point of fact, you CAN write a novel when 5 months pregnant, though it might change your main character's relationship to her mother.  Could I have done this with a child outside Chez Uterus?  Well, I guess I'm going to find that out someday, aren't I?

Good exercise, am going to finish the novel in December, will post when that happens.  Ta.

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