S.D. Shaver (onalark) wrote,
S.D. Shaver

regarding the readercon crap

I stopped going to s-f conventions a while ago. In part, behavior like this was a motivator.

I won't point fingers or name names. It was nearly twenty years ago. It's past. I will say that once you've been unexpectedly felt up, alone, in an elevator by a Big Name Filker, it kind of cools your desire to ever listen to his music again. It cools your desire to ever go to a convention again.

But like I said...it's past. The only reason I remember it now is I read the ReaderCon thread and thought, "Oh. Right. That." And then realized that that reaction -- that blase acceptance that this just happens -- was kind of fucked up.

It wasn't the main reason I stopped going to conventions. It was just one reason of many that I decided this wasn't worth my time and energy any longer.
Tags: fandom, pain is a teacher
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