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on quitting your day job

So, at around 2:30 PM Friday I quit my day job to go work for another one. August 14th is my last day.

There have been two obvious questions that keep coming up. Why? is simultaneously the easiest and hardest to answer: because it was time. After 13 years, I've made the decision to be back near my family and to do something different with my career. Conversely, after 13 years it is a hell of a thing to say goodbye to the people I have "grown up" with. I now have this ticking clock over my head, reminding me that by August 16th, we will part ways. Some of them I will almost certainly see again.

Some I won't. And yeah, that bothers me.

Is Mike...? is the other question, the one people leave dangling a little because they know it's delicate.

It's not. Mike and I may not be bound by social contracts, but we are forrealz and have no intention of splitting. We've talked a whole lot, and since the current project is a short-term one, he's going to see it through. A couple people have uttered the words "long-distance relationship", but look -- I grew up in a military family. It was not at all unusual to see my stepdad deployed for three, four, six months (or more) and my mom and him got by just fine. Mike and I can survive a couple months while I acclimate to my new position and he finishes up something awesome. Emotionally, a little tough. Financially and career-wise -- very responsible. We're kooky like that.

As for the company I'm going to...I don't feel like publicly disclosing that at this time. I will say it's in Southern California and I'm going to be an Associate Producer. This job I was hired for seems to be surprising people left and right. It's a role I played at one point during Hero's Journey's production, and I enjoyed the dance of schedules and coordination. I suspect it's going to give me the breathing space to be creative in the after hours again, and I like that, too. I like that a lot.

There's a lot running around in my head right now. I have two weekends and a day to be a good Autobot, transform, and roll out. I am looking forward to the drive as a chance to let go of a lot of anxiety and see parts of the country I love, as well as a few friends and Mike's family.

But, hell, I'm looking forward to a lot. I'm blessed. I know I am. What I'll miss can't be recouped. What I'll find -- who knows. Life is good. Life is complicated. This I know: life goes on, whether I stay or go. In the grand scheme of things, I'm just one thread making her way through the tapestry. I'm just an extremely loud one.
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